This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine
This Copy Of Windows is not Genuine: Easy Steps to Fix Error
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This Copy of Windows is not genuine is a very common problem that most of the users face If you are also, the one who are facing this issue. And want a quick solution for the problem.

Then, don’t worry, today I’m going to discuss the permanent solvent to fix for This Copy of Windows is not genuine Error.

Drawbacks of  This Copy of Windows is not genuine Error:

  • The performance ( speed ) of the Pc may decrease, and you fell it’s irritating.
  • The Battery may drain too damn faster than usual, and it hurts you more than you think.
  • The Blank Screen on the desktop is annoying, and you can’t change it. Because you don’t have permission to do.
  • The most Important thing is, You are restricted. You don’t have the authorization to access all the features.

These, are some of the most frustrating problems you face once, you receive that Windows is not genuine error.

Is there any way you can get rid of this? Yes, there is a process to deal with, But, you have to follow every step carefully. Otherwise, it may temporarily disappear and rises again in future.

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How To Fix This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Error ( Best Practices )


  • Head over to Cmd ( Command Prompt ) You can open it by pressing Windows button and then Search for CMD.
  • If you are using Windows 8 or later versions of Windows ( I mean, 8, 8.1, 10 ) Just press Windows+s Button and Search For Cmd.
  • Once, you found Cmd just Right Click on it and Select Run as Administrator.

Note: Whether, you are using XP, 7, Vista, 8, and 8.1 you need to have administrative privileges. So, be sure to run Command Prompt as Administrator.


The Step2 is all about entering the Command that makes your Windows Trail version as Genuine.

  • You already open the cmd with admin privileges. It’s time to enter the Command.
  • Just type the Following Command “SLMGR -REARM” and hit enter. That’s it you will receive a success message on the screen.

Windows is not genuine

  • Oh, wait, in Some version of Windows the above Command may not work. Well, if that happens to you then, enter this ” SLMGR /REARM .”
  • Now you’ll receive the success message on the Screen.

Windows is not genuine

Note: Once you complete above process then, just Restart your computer and enjoy. You are Windows now Genuine. And You will never get annoying messages like this:

  • Windows not genuine fix.
  • This copy of windows is not genuine 7601
  • copy of Windows is not Genuine Vista.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine 6002.
  • This Copy of Windows is not Genuine 7600.

If the problem was solved by using above two steps, Then, good. 

But, the problem is, most of the time you’ll get error messages. And the most common error messages are.

  • Error “Error 0xc004d307″ This maximum allowed number of rearms has exceeded.
  • SLGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command.

How To Solve “Error 0xc004d307″ This maximum allowed number of rearms has exceeded.

Well, if you face this problem, that means you have entered the command more than three times. If you enter the command more than three times, the value is set to “zero” now you need to set the value back to “1” to get rid of this.

So, here is the procedure to solve Error 0xc004d307.

  • Open Run by Pressing Windows+R or just locate it by searching for it.
  • Now Type “Regedit” Once you enter this, you’re about to see Registry Editor.
  • Once you open the editor, you need to Follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->Software -> Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version -> SoftwareProtectionPlatform.
  • After you locate the path, now lookup for “SkipRearm.”
  • Now, Right-click on it and select modify and change the dataset value to “1”.

Note:  After doing this, just Restart your Pc to make this changes work. 

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How To solve SLGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command.

-> You may enter the Command incorrectly. Make sure that you gave space between SLMGR -REARM.

                           SLMGR- REARM
                            SLMGR – REARM

The Correct one SLMGR -REARM

-> Maybe you are not opening the Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges. So, make sure you are.

          ->Just close the cmd and open it again with Admin Privileges.

-> If you still face this issue, then, it may be a cause of slmgr.vbs. File. Follow these steps to get rid of it

  • Open My computer
  • The, open your “C” drive. ( where the windows loaded )
  • Select The “Windows.” Folder
  • Then, look up for “System32” and open it.
  • Then, Search for Slmgr.vbs File.
  1. Once you found it check for the Extension. In most cases, the file extension would be something like this, slmgr.vbs.removewat.
  2. So, If you are extension is match with the above one then, just remove the extension. Your file needs to be ( SLMGR.VBS ) only.
  3. However, in very rare case you will found some other extensions. So, keep in mind whatever the extension you have for ( slmgr.vbs) File. Only Replace it.

The File name Should Be ( SLMGR.VBS) only.

After following this steps, you will definitely solve the issue.!

The Faq’s About this Topic !

-> Is I need to do anything else.

The Answer is yes. You have to Disable the Auto-Updates .

-> Why Do I need to Disable

Because, whenever your windows update it will identify that you are using pirated version. so, you need to turn off auto Updates.

-> Is it Genuine Version?

This is the most tricky question to answer. But, the bottom line is, you are using the Pirated version of Windows and made it as a Genuine.

-> Is there any other Easy way.

Yes, Download and install the WATREMOVER software ( it will only work for Windows 7 ) and open it, and then, press REMOVEWATT button.

-> How long does WATREMOVER Software work

It will work for 6 months long, After that you need to repeat the process again to avoid the Blank screen.

-> Which Method You Prefer the most

I always go with, doing it manually by using Command Prompt.

-> What Do I need to do to Getting original License.

You have to buy it, kid. Go to Windows Store and purchase a Genuine Windows OS.

After doing all this, You will solve This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine Fix error Permanently.

Using the WAT Remover Software

The command prompt trick may not work with all versions of Windows. So, for those, I would like to add one more tweak here to help them to make their Windows Genuine by removing this copy of windows is not genuine error.

So, I want to simplify this theory clearly in an easy way. If anyone stuck at any point means, just contact me by dropping your problem in the comment section.

  • Download, the WAT Remover Software from the Internet. Just search for the name on Google, and you’ll get it.
  • Once the download is finished, install the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
  • Now, you installed the Software on your Local Computer (PC).
  • locate the software that you installed and, run it once you execute the software a screen will appear, and it will show something like, Remove Wat.
  • Just Click on it and it will e was done. Your PC will automatically restarts, once you complete these steps. If it isn’t then, wait for one hour and restart it manually. And that’s it now your Windows is Genuine.

Note: Most of the WAT Remover Softwares that I noticed, worked fine but, the problem is, the time it works is just six months. After six months, again the Blank screen error ” This copy Of Windows is Not Genuine ” will appear again. So, kindly keep your Software read with you on your computer on a safe location, If you are following this method.

So, I think, I covered all the essential elements of this Topic. If you still feel any inconvenience in doing. Then, do let us know.!

This Copy Of Windows is not Genuine: Easy Steps to Fix Error
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This Copy Of Windows is not Genuine: Easy Steps to Fix Error
This Copy of windows is not genuine is a very normal problem that most of the windows users experience. So, here is the method To permanently get rid .....
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