What Song Is This
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What Song is this? Do you ever face this situation? I faced this situation when Me and my Friend Driving the car in high traffic Area, and when we were crossing a restaurant a song is playing, and I have no idea what so ever What song is playing near by me. But, I connected to the Lyrics of the song, I barely remember a piece of the song and then, asked my friend about the song. He simply replies I have No Idea?

Since then, I’m trying to find that song on Google about that, guess what? I found Infinite results which show nothing related to the topic. After that, one of my friends explained the way to perceive What song is playing, With that method, I found the song. Since then, I think, why don’t I wrote an article about it?

So, here I am today with this article to help my Loyal readers to get know the name of the song that has been playing.

Before entering into the topic, I just want to share an Incident that I face with the Seach Engines.

What Song Am I Listening To ?

I have a curiosity to know What song is this that has been playing at my background. So, I went to Google And Bing to get the data but, they can’t help me. 

Of course, the search engines like Google and Bing can’t help unless and util you know about the song. Like Artist name or a Title of the song or Something that has related to the Album.  

How To Find the Name of the song | What Song is this?.

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What Song is this

What Song is this


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It’s very hard in olden days to know this kind of vital information. But, not now. Thanks to the Technology that has evolved over the years. So, it becomes very easy to Identify what’s the name of this song.

You can do this work with your Mobile, Yes; heard it right. Use Your Mobile device to know, what is this song.

Let me tell you all default Apps that can do this Task.

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How To find Name Using Song finder by sound on IOS Device with Siri.

Unless all other mobiles, iPhone has a personal assistant called Siri. You can use Siri to know what ever you want to know. Here is the way to find out what’s this song.

what song is this

Open your Siri and place your iPhone near to the tune you are trying to identify What song am I listening to. And then, speak out Siri What song is playing. And it will provide you a result.

Easy enough right, but, this feature has furnished by the app called Shazam app. It is preloaded with Siri in new iOs Devices.

Find What’s the name of the song with In Windows.

Windows also have a default feature to answer all your queries that include What song is this and what song is that as well.

Windows built a Speach recognizer called Cortana. It is available for the Windows 10 and 8.1 users, rest of Windows I don’t know.

Open your Cortana and place it near to the tune you want to name and then say, Ok Cartan What Song is Playing around me? Or Identify the name of the song. Rest Leave it to Cortana. It will listen to music using device’s microphone and recognize it for you.

By using this method, you can get the name of the Song in Your Windows Mobiel and Windows PC. But, When you are using PC, make sure that your Microphone is incorporating with the Cortana.

How to Identify the Song Name in Android Device.

Google Built Ok Google Voice Commands to answer the queries. You can use this Ok Google to Identify Which song is this.

Open your Voice Recognizer on your Android Device and Place it near to the tune and say What Song is this lyric from and it will listen to the music and Tells the name of the song.

After trying all these methods and Still unable to get the results. Then, Don’t worry Use this steps.

Apps To Identify the Name of the Playing Song

a. Shazam

Shazam is a mobile application that you can use on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia as well.

Just install the Shazam on your Phone, place your mobile towards the Tune and hit the Tag Button. It will then Identify the name of the song and gives you the answer for your query What Song is that.!

b. Cortana.

Cortana is a Windows Application which has been designed to answer the voice Queries. This App is also available for Android and ios Devices as well.

Download and install this App from the respected App Stores and Place your SmartPhone near the song and say Ok Cortana What song is this. Rest leave it to Cortana.

c. SoundHound

SoundHound is an app that has been available for Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Unlike other Apps like Shazam, SoundHound is better and stable. It will help you if you remember the lyrics of the song and yourself want to hum the song to know What song is Playing or the most used query What song is this?. 

Just hum the melody you recognize, and it will tell What song is this by sound that you sang earlier.

Remaining Methods to Find the Song Name that is Playing.

a. Midomi:

If you remember the Lyrics of the song then, hum the Lyrics that you know with the help of the Headset on Midomi Site. It will recognize the lyrics and shows the name of the song.

b. WatZatSong

Why don’ you take the help of the humans to identify the songs name?

Yes, WatZatSong is an online website where you can find the name of the song for whatever the song you want. Just give him some hints by humming and ask them What song is this hum? or else quote them like, can anyone know the lyrics of the song I sang. 

Visit their site and upload an audio recording of the song (or Sing yourself ) and other members of the website can then help you to guess the exact song name. The suggestions won’t come instantly you need to wait some time. But, it’s worth a try to know what song am I listening to


MusicPedia is one of the biggest song databases on the internet today, So, by using this website you can easily look up for your query Name that tune?.

The impressive thing about this service is it’s free and contains some Ads. Enter this website, and at the home page itself you will find Music search option click on that and it will ask you the possibilities to identify what song is that. The possible ways are, By writing the lyrics of the song using your keyword, By humming the lyrics you remember and using its keyboard to sang a melody.

Whatever the way you select it will provide the answer to the Query What song it this.


That’s it for today. I think, it will help you to identify What song is this? 

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