Weird Websites
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According to internet live stats company research, the site count crossed the Billions mark. So, it’s hard to find out some cool and Weird Websites which produce a great piece of content to make us laugh.

If you want to follow some of the Blogs that make you lol every time with their content. Then, here are some of the weird websites that make your day when you are free and want to spend time on the internet to know Stupidity of the people.

You may wonder with the list Because some of them are most interesting sites with a good sense of humor.

So, whatever it is, these are my list of favorite and funny websites. You may bookmark right now.

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Top Funny, Cleaver & Weird Websites List That Will Blow your mind with their Existence!

Gay Test is one of the most comic sites to watch out. The questions on this site make you ROFL.

You need to answer twenty questions to let know whether you are Gay or not.

Is it Fucking strange website, right? Yes, it is. I never thought I am going to test myself to know who I am by answering those stupid questions. Lol Visit them once and you will be shocked with the content of the Page. Alright, Although it is the first list in our List of Weirdest websites.

Pointer Pointer is one of the Funniest websites I visited in recent times. I just love the design and concept of this Site. You may think the founder of this site is crazy to build such a web page but, he is not crazy he is a genius.

open the site, and it asks for move the cursor, according to the cursor movement, the pointer can locate funniest images.

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Falling Falling

It is one of the famous weird websites. You may find nothing other than a sound and Collection of hampus Lindwall falling. Lindwall was falling. Lindwall was falling.!!!

You may think Holy shit, Why this web page exists on the internet. Oh yeah, this kind of sites also exist to make us feel?

Clever Bot

Weird Websites

Clever Bot uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with the users. It is hilarious, a website to watch out. The way it replies to the questions we ask makes us ROFL.

I just love this website it is one of the top Funny and clever websites that exist on the internet today. Do watch out and have fun!

Exit Mundi -> a collection of end of world Scenarios. The content of this website is not about the present life; its discuss the afterlife situations. That is the reason why it is so called a collection of end of world scenarios. You may think the information on this page is shit, of course, anyone who visits also thinks like that except some crazy guys.

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Snap Bubbles

Snap Bubbles is one of the fantastic blogs around the web. Here you can play Bubble Wrap Simulator game. Spending some time on this site is wonderful. Children like more than the teenagers.

Procatinator a strange among the list. It’s fucking unbelievable site. When I visit this site, I feel like What the Fuck! What kind of website is this?

After a shock, I understand I was searching for Weird Websites, and Funny websites to make a list and it was a perfect webpage to add it to the list, and I did it.

I Look Like Barack Obama

One of the strangest website on the internet today. It makes no sense. The person who compares with Barack Obama is not at all look like him. Instead, he seems weird in the pic. I just can’t control my laugh when I visit this page.

Zombo The Weirdest Website one of the favorite and weirdest websites today. When yu visit this web page, unusual sound sounds welcomes you and tell “This is, and you can do anything here.” There is nothing to do anything over there; that was the concept behind the creation of the page.

Feed The Head

Weird Websites

weird websites

The site Feed the head is a strangest and most loved one. Not believe me then, let me show some of the pictures I collected from this Blog.

It’s Fucking distinctive site with lots of humor behind on it. In this site, you can play with the head that appears, and you almost cut the nose of it and pull out the eye of it from the mouth.

Big Long Now

I don’t want to say anything about Big Long Now. Just open the website and watch it.

Try to count the no of doors opened in the below picture.

Press The SpaceBar

The above URL is one of the different websites. Here you can calculate the score of your speed by hitting the space bar. That’s cool, right? Yes it does visit it once

Instant No Button

Here you find a single button like below picture. Whenever you hit that button, you may hear the strange sound.

Creepy Pasta

I don’t want to write anything about Find yourself what it is by visiting the above link.

Is it Christmas tells you whether it’s a Christmas or not.

Here are the My top 15 list of weird, strange, funny websites. Wish to watch out remaining 14, then here they are.


    These are the remaining 14 weird websites, funny internet sites, unrelated websites in the list. If you feel, I miss any other funny sites. Hen do let me know in the comment section.

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