Torrent Sites: Top 15 Best and Most Popular List – 2017
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Nowadays, Most of The People spend their valuable time on the internet to download and watch Movies Online. So, to do this, using Torrent Sites is the most prominent way.

Torrents are the fast secure and the best way to download any Movies, Audios, Softwares, Cartoons, Games, and music files on the internet. But wait, What are the Best Torrent Sites to Download all these Stuff.

Here, in this Article, I listed out Top and best torrenting sites to Download Movies, Softwares, and Games. But, Before listing out, I want to share some Information about Torrents like What are the torrents, and how the Torrents are work.

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What Is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a peer to peer ( p 2 p) file sharing Technology. That gives their users faster access to any files that are available on the connected network.

This technology allows you to share the files with higher speed. One more advantage of this is, not need to have a complete file to start sharing on the network.

I mean, you can share any files ( Audio, videos, movies, games or software ) even when you started downloading that file. That is the reason why torrents are popular compared to other downloading methods.

Why are Bittorrents more Popular?

When compares other networks like Kazaa, defunct, Gnutella, eDonkey, and Shareaza Torrent sites ( Bittorrents ) are popular. Because it’s primary purpose is to distribute large media files to private users.

Torrent Networking introduced in 2001, by A Python-language programmer, Bram Cohen. But, Its popularity has taken off since 2005, the torrent community has now grown to millions of users worldwide.

You can check this article to know more about the Torrenting System.
How torrent downloading works

Most Popular Torrent Sites To Download Files.

Torrent Sites

Compare to last year; this year some new Torrent Sites gain the popularity and also, came into the spotlight after the shutdown of and KickAss Torrents the two Biggies in the business.

However, some new players came into the picture and receiving the huge amount of Traffic and recognization.

Nonetheless, The Unofficial version of the is the top ranked Torrent site in newcomers list. It looks exactly like his predecessor and has an additional torrent sites list in its database. The Feel of this site is stunning compared to previous official version.

However, There were hundreds of torrent sites available on the internet today. But, for the user convenience, we just made a list of best Torrent Sites. If You feel it’s hard to remember all these names? Then Bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D.

Note: We Used Alexa Ranking Statistics to make this list ( The List is in Ascending order )

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Top Torrent Sites list 2017

The Piratebay.

The PirateBay is the oldest Torrent sites in the list, and also the top ranked with an enormous amount of visitors pointing to them. Last year, this Torrent Site had a huge competition from its competitor KickAss Torrents. Since the shutdown of the KickAss, The Piratebay became the leader in the Torrent Sites.

In 2015-2016 it gets a higher number of visitors than the KickAss Torrents, This network established in 2003 to share the files between their employees. Later it becomes a strong reputation Torrent sites in the World.

The Pirate Bay is the king of Piracy, due to this, the site wasn’t online sometimes. But, they manage to get back to online quickly by resolving the issues they are facing.

I Prefer PirateBay Torrent Sites to download Tv shows, Movies, Softwares, and Games. It is one of the Best Torrent Sites To Download Softwares for Mac and Windows.

Bottom Line:

The Top Performed Torrent Website Since last year. Right now, it’s the most viewed one on the list of best torrent sites.

Extra Torrents

Extra Torrents is the most active network in Torrent community; it is online all the time compare to other sites like Piratebay and all other Torrent sites. It is Constantly growing and right now, its receiving decent of Traffic. The Traffic Estimations has been calculated from Alexa.

I think all of you heard about Extra Torrent reputation in the Business. By using this Torrent Site, one can download Torrent files and magnet links that are available on the network.

This community has million of records in their database, and the count gets increased day to day. You can download Movies, Videos, TvShows and software here. This site banned in some countries but, you can still gain access by using some proxy techniques.

Bottom Line:

Even though it blocked in Some Countries, You can still gain access by hiding your IP or By using Some Proxy methods. It is one of the top Torrent Sites in the Business right now.


This Torrent Site is started out as a Bulgarian tracker; later it turned as a complete Torrent site with peer to peer Interactions.

RARBG is the best torrent site for Downloading Movies, Videos, and other Entertainment related stuff. And Right now, they became like an in-house Torrent Sites to Download Movies and Videos.

The Team of these Torrent Sites worked hard to stand along with the Big names in the Industry. The site is gaining the popularity silently from 2015 even though, it was established in 2008. It takes a more time to be on the top of the list. However, finally, they are one of the Best Torrent Sites available on the internet.

Bottom Line:

This network has millions of records in their database, and the count gets increased day to day. One can download Movies, Videos, and TvShows from this Torrent Site. This site banned in some countries but, you can still gain access by using some proxy techniques.


Yify Torrents are one of the great Torrent Sites Group. They were focusing only on Movies and videos. One can easily find their desired movies from this Torrent Site.

Anyone can download any of the movies that they have in their database without any problem. Just Register to this website to download Movies once registration over, you can access hundreds and thousands of their videos in their database. You can Download any quality of the video from 480p to 1080p. You can also get access to their 3d videos.

Bottom Line: is not an affiliated with the original YTS or YIFY group. It just uses the Brand name to get Popular.


Torrentz2 is the Unofficial Alternative for the Official Torrent Sites Which closed its doors last summer. They opened up and stated that they are not related to the Original Torrentz Meta Search engine.

This new and updated Meta Search engine is the entirely new, and they also added around sixty new Torrent sites to their Database. Even though it’s a brand new site, it receives a huge response that is why it is featured on this list.

Bottom Line:

As per the Alexa statistics, Torrentz2 is the only site that gets huge rank change within a span time.


This Torrent site is like a community; that means the users of this site, shares the downloadable torrent files. This Torrent Site have some issues a year ago when several of the admins and moderators protested over security concerns. However, since then, the progress has been improved a lot.

Recently, they changed their look by updating the Designing of the website.

Bottom Line:

The vast amount of Traffic is coming from United Kingdom ( UK ). This site is a top torrent site to download Movies and other stuff. It is one of the friendliest Torrent Sites on the Internet Today.

TorrentProject :

As we talked about the new players in the Torrent Sites earlier right? TorrentProject is also the one amongst them. This Torrent Sites were Simply gaining its popularity and name on the internet.

In fact, they officially quoted that they have more than one million Torrent Files in their Database.

Bottom Line:

This Torrent Site has been blocked in some countries. But, you can still gain access to this site by using proxies or By hiding your IP address.


The hostile takeover last year closed down the original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV, the new owners claiming the ownership of the Community.

The Brand new group was currently operating from EZTV.Ag and releases their official torrents into the Market. These Torrent Files were banned on few other torrent sites due to controversial history.

Bottom Line:

EZTV is the Best torrent site to download TV shows; It has a great prominence on the internet today. This site offers users to Download their torrent files without even registering to them.


It has over 2 million monthly average users reputation, and it is steadily increasing the numbers, it has been a great start in the community. This network uses right terminology that helps this to stand out in the competition.

Bottom Line:

This site has blocked in Several countries. But, you can gain access by using Proxy and VPN to unlock and download the files you want. It is One of the Best Torrent Sites on the internet today.


It’s one of the old websites in this list, but it underrated for many years. But, thank the team, this Torrent Network gain its popularity since last few years, and now it becomes one of the Top Torrenting sites.

Finally, the company achieves some goals and looking forward to getting the top position. I love te dedication of this community work.

Bottom Line:

The site’s authority launched the torrent cache iTorrents a few months ago, which was used by several other torrent search engines.


ISOHunt the name itself known by many users even though this torrenting site started their services on 2013. It has many ups and downs since the date, and it once completely shuts down their services on 2015.

After they re-entered the Market, they receive tremendous response from their audiences, and at present, it was operating steadily after a huge loss in Ranking.

Bottom Line:

It is still one of the Best Torrent Sites to Download the Torrent Files.


iDope is one of the Best Torrent Search Engine Site like a

Bottom Line:

Just search for Your desired File It may be whatever you want like, Movies, Games and Softwares and List goes on. And Then, choose the file you want to Download and use magnet link or Directly to Download.


TorLock is one of the highly reputational Torrent Sites on the Internet Today.

It doesn’t have any fake Torrent files in their database. Here, you can download any files without any obstacles. One more feature of this Torrenting Site is, You can have a look at the Health of the Torrent Files that you are about to download.

That means, there is less amount of chances to download invalid and unusual Torrent Files.

Bottom Line:

In this Torrent Site, If you found any files as spam then report them, they will pay you. Hasn’t it cool?


This site is slowly gaining the popularity at present. It is, one of the best torrent sites to download Movies, Softwares, and Games. Apart from the Site, It is also a Torrent search engine.

Bottom Line:

You can search for any files you want from its homepage. One the more important point is, you can also upload Torrent files here in this community.


BitSnoop is yet another big torrent site search engine with over 2 million indexed files. It is one of the fast growing community to upload and downloads the files.

Bottom Line:

By using Bitsnoop, you can download video, audios, software, and games. It is one of the best Torrent Sites in the business today.
These are some of the Best Torrent Sites on the Internet 2017. If you found we miss anything here, then, just suggest us in the Comment Section.


Torrent Sites: Top 15 Best and Most Popular List - 2017
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Torrent Sites: Top 15 Best and Most Popular List - 2017
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