Shutdown Remote Computer
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Having a desire to Shutdown remote computer is not a crime unless and until you misuse it.

Today I will tell you, the easiest way to shut down the remote pc using IP address.

Yes, before entering into the method you need to know the Ip Address of the victim to perform any activity.

But, wait a while, how to know the Ip address of the computer that you are trying to access.

There is an old school method to gather the information you need from your targeted computer.

By accessing their pc, you can get the Ip Address. But, wait, how to do it.

I think, most of you are trying to shutdown remote pc of your friends, family members.

To annoy them and warn them to let them know you are a genius, and give them a word that doesn’t mess with me.

So, it’s not hard to get the information if you are like one of those, who want to annoy the family and friends.

If you are not like that, then this article is not for you.

How to Know IP address of computer

#Method 1!

As I stated above, there is an old school and easy way to do this work.

->Just log in to your victim computer

->opens a command prompt

->Enter the below words in command prompt


->After entering this, you will notice something like this

#Method 2:

Log on to your PC/laptop

open any web browser for example ( Chrome or Firefox)

Just type What is my Ip in Google search

Shutdown Remote Computer

Your Public IP address will appear in highlighted box

Note: The above one is a generic IP of a Router, so don’t try to perform an activity on this.

Now, you have all set to target your victim pc and make an anonymous activity.

So let’s dive into the last step.

Shutdown Remote Computer

->Log on to your computer.

->Open a command prompt ( Start->run-> cmd for the old operating system like XP, 7). For Windows 8 and 10 directly search for command prompt.

->After opening a cmd, Type shutdown- I and hit enter. A popup will appear something like this.

Shutdown Remote Computer

->Just enter the Ip address of the victim, in highlighted text box. You can enter any many at once. It’s your choice.

->If you want to warn them, then enter a message in the comment section, and set the timer.

->Click on Ok button to perform the operation.

That’s it.

Some people argue that it is not working anymore, but it’s not right. It will work fine in Windows 8 using cmd.

Now head over to you, have any doubts about this, let me know in comment section.

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