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CPU is the main part of the computer, most of the time; Pc’s only use a small amount of CPU power to run the tasks. If the usage of CPU meets its most then, Computer performance gets down. On that situation, you need to Reduce CPU usage.

Most of the Application use the lesser amount of CPU Usage, but, there are many cases which lead to CPU 100 Usage. I will Explain the cause Right Below.

Causes of CPU usage 100 Or High CPU Usage

Whenever the task completed Applications automatically releases the CPU Usage. If the Application stuck somewhere at the Infinite Loop, it would keep using the Power of CPU. Until system Shutdown, Restart or Manually Closing that Application.

Whenever a user opens a large Applications like VLC Player, Games, and other Media related files at a time. Without having a Graphic Card.

These are the two Serious cause of CPU usage 100 percent;

How To Reduce CPU Usage, CPU Load in Windows

TIP 1: You can cut it By closing the unnecessary Applications that are using the CPU for no reason.

Method 1:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Open a Task Manager in your Windows Computer.

Reduce CPU Usage

CPU Usage

After Opening a Task Manager Click on Processes Tab to see all Running Processes.

You can Sort them to know which Processes is using the High amount of CPU Usage.

You can observe which process is using most. And then, decide whether you need it or not. If not, then just Click on End Process to terminate that Task.

It will Reduce CPU Usage.

TIP: Just use Graphic Card to Improve the performance of your PC. and Play Games 

How To Reduce CPU Usage in MAC Os ( APPLE )

To Reduce CPU Usage in Mac OS, just follow these simple instructions.

Reduce CPU Usage

CPU Usage

Open your Applications Folder and then Utilities and Click on Activity Monitor to open it. Or You can simply search it on your LaunchPad.

After That, just look which tasks using more CPU power and terminate them to reduce the burden on CPU.

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  1. That’s a nice article indeed! But whenever I tried to end Process via Task manager, it shows task ended but, CPU usage isn’t free up!

    What happend to it. Looking forward for your answer!!!

    1. Hey, Cheena!

      The problem is in your Logical Memory, The Logical Addresses in your Memory isn’t responding even after closing the Task!.

      So, You need to change the HDD and Make Logical address space more than Physical. Your Problem will be solved.

  2. Great post. I ‘m facing a couple of these difficulties. thanks for sharing the awesome piece of information with us !

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