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Mobile Network not Available Error occurs in the Android devices. Because of several unknown flaws in the devices.

No mobile network Problem Mostly Appears on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note2 and Ace mobiles. This error also appears on all other Android Smartphones as well. This problem is also known as Not Registered on the Network.

After many requests from the subscribers, I came up with a solution that will fix this issue. So, Today I want to show the proven method to solve Mobile network not available in Samsung Galaxy S3. And other Android devices.

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A Proven method to solve Mobile network not available error in Android

Mobile network not available

Mobile network not available

There are several methods to work around this problem; I will explain every possible way to get rid of it.

#Method 1

-> Switch on your device.
-> Navigate to Settings and select Mobile and wireless networks.
->Switch the modes. ( If it is in automatic try selecting Manual. If it is in manual select Automatic )
-> Automatic mode is the preferred one.

If, your problem not fixed after trying this method. Then, try the second method to get rid of No mobile network Available

#Method 2

->Power off your Android device and change the battery.
->Power on and check the problem solved or not.
->If the problem solved. You need to buy a new battery ( because of overheating of Battery also one of the causes of this error)

Still, getting the same error even after changing the battery. Follow the next method to terminate the issue.

#Method 3

Check whether your firmware is up to date or not?

->Navigate to Settings and select About device

->Tap on Software Update and Check for update

->If there is an Update then, install it. That will get rid of this error. ( If your software is up to date and still facing the problem then move on to next step)

#Method 4

Restore your mobile to fix the error

After executing all the methods and still the problem not fixed then do run this way.

-> Navigate to Settings and select Backup and Reset.

-> Tap on Factory data reset.

It will take some time to reset and after this step, you will be able to solve mobile network not available error.

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