Google Gravity Tricks
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Google is the widely used search engine, and it occupies more than 80% of the searches on the internet today. So, it’s pretty obvious that why don’t we try something new with the Google. That is what we are going to discuss today. The Google Gravity Tricks. The idea implemented by Mrdoob, all these Google Gravity Tricks work with JavaScript.

If you are also a developer who wants to develop something like this, you can build and submit it on ChromeExperiments to make it alive.

Steps To open Any Google Tricks Mentioned Here.!

  • Visit Google Home Page
  • At the bottom of the page You will find ‘Settings’ click on Settings and then choose Search Settings
  •  Now check on Never Show Instant Search Results and Save the settings.
  •  Now, Type your query. Means anything like Google Gravity Or Barrel Roll Or Funny Google.
  • Then Don’t hit the enter button. Instead, press I’m Feeling Lucky Button to Open it.
  • The Process should be same for all the Tricks listed here, except Zerg Rush For Zerg Rush Don’t Press I’m Feeling Luck Button. Instead, hit Enter.

Best Google Gravity Tricks List 2016 

Google Gravity Space.

Google Gravity Space, innovation is made by Mrdoob. Whenever you open a web page in Google Space, all the contents of the page will fly.

You can open the page by simply enering the query and then, hit I’m Feeling Lcky Button. Once, you enter into the page you feel this Trick. And you know, You can also perform Search on that weird looking page.

Anti Gravity Google Trick

Let’s take it serious, Google Gravity means Google Follows Gravitational theory. Then, Anti Gravity Google Refers to, Anti-Gravitational pull. Isn’t it?

It looks same as Gravity Space but, If you observe carefully, you can notice a small changes. The Trick Anti Gravity Google and Google Anti Gravity are same. Don’t confuse with the words.!

 Zero Gravity Trick

What does it mean by Zero Gravity. The General of meaning of it is, the working gravitational force is Zero right?

It is also same for the Google Zero Gravity Trick. the working Gravitational Force is absolutely Zero, so, all the contents of the page will act slightly different than other Tricks listed here.! 

Google Gravity Guitar

Whether you are a music lover or not, You just Love the Google Guitar. The interface of the Guitar is just fantastic. With this Guitar, you can play your favorite music on a web page.

By using this Guitar, you can play a tune or record a song by humming or do what ever you want. Because it’s free folks.!

 Google Gravity Under Water

Google Gravity UnderWater is an incredible innovation made by You can experience a search page in underwater. The designing looks fantastic with astounding spices like fish, sharks, crabs and several other rare spices.

Well, in before Tricks we talked about Google Gravity Space and Anti Gravity. Now, We are here to discuss Google gravity underwater. It’s a good trick done by Elgoog

Google Pacman

Pacman is one of the favorite game ever designed. Whenever you want to play Pacman game, just visit Google Gravity Page, and select Pacman Game.

Link to Pacman Game:

Open that link to play Pacman Game any time you want to play.

Google Mirror

There is nothing to say new about Google Mirror; It works same as our in-house Mirror.

This Mirror reflects the results of a web page in reverse order. That looks quite impressive than traditional search results.

Use this link to open Mirror and have fun.

 Google Snake Game

Snake game is one of the favorite mobile game invented by Nokia in his past.

After the invention of Smartphones, snake game disappears. If you still have the curiosity to paly the Snake Game.

lay it on a Google page itself.

 Google Terminal

One can easily fool his friends/family members by using Google Terminal.

Google Terminal designed for the coders who loves searching the web in Coding format. Gets confused?. Then, no problem I will explain it. Whenever you open a Google terminal, it looks like command prompt in Windows Or ( Terminal in Mac OS ). What can you do in CMD, execution of commands right? Likewise here also you need to execute a command to search in Google Terminal.

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Google Sphere

Google Gravity

Sphere Google, is specially designed for Image search in Google. It introduced by the Mrdoob.

Whenever you open a Google Sphere page it jus looks a standard search Page. But, when you move your cursor to that page, the elements of that page starts rotating consequently.

I don’t’ want to write more about this. Here Is the link to experience its effects.


Google Easter Eggs Trick.

As per the 30th anniversary of the Mario Brothers. Google gives a tribute to this game.

Just type Mario Brothers and hit enter and enjoy Mario Game once again in Search Engine

Beach Balls:

Beach balls are yet another game invented by Mrdoob. You can play this Game by using this link:

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is also one of the important Search function. In this Technique, You will observe bubbles, and that bubbles clear all search results.

Google Gravity

Do a Barrel Roll Google

Barrel Roll Google is another well-known Search Technique, In this, the search results will Rolls 360 degrees.

Google Gravity

Note: If you want to roll more that once, then Specify the number with the query.

Google Search Tricks – Top and Best cool Google Tricks

Geeting bored with general search in Google and wanted to try something new?

Try these tricks to get some fun with Search Engine and some of the Tricks listed here are fresh and hidden tricks.

Before getting into the topic, I just want to ask you two quick questions

1. how you perform the search?
2. Are you getting desired results for the search?

There are so many ways to perform Search, although most of the people do not get the proper results. Why because, there searching in a Traditional way.

So, If you want to get perfect results you need to Search in a pro way. Here, I will discuss How to search to get desired results.

The listed  Tricks save your time. Most of them are awesome, and some of them are excellent and funny.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s dive into the topic?

Using Google As a Timer

Using a traditional watch to set a timer to perform some activity like running, reading.., etc

Why don’t you use Google timer instead classic watch, yes, you heard right? Search timer can also work as a stopwatch. You can set time to perform an action.

Just head over to the homepage and search Set timer to next 10 minutes. That’s it.

Google Gravity

To get Instant Sports Details

You can use Google to get instant results of any running sports event. Yes, you can check, current score, schedule, and venue details on the home page itself.

Google Gravity

Have aa look at the Image below

To know Sunrise and Sun Set

Yes, Google gives exact timings of sunrise and sunset across the world. All you have to do is, provide a query to the It something like this?

Google Gravity

To know Weather Forecast Information

Use Google to know Weather information instantly from your browser. Yes, it gives exact weather information that all the main weather forecasting firms provides.

Google Gravity

To get Search results only from particular Domain

Want to get search results from your favorite website, instead of all SERP results. It will also do this work for you.

Just type the following query -> ‘ site: domain name keyword.’

Ex: Site: Google gravity

Google Gravity

To know site indexed or not?

This trick is for the fellows bloggers, who want to are aware of their site is indexed or not by the Google.

Just type -> inurl://

Google Gravity

You can also check individual URLs of a page.

For ex: inurl://

It Doesn’t know some keywords

We think Google knows everything, but, it also doesn’t know the meaning of some weird words like Anagram.

Google Gravity

 The Keyword Recursion

Haven’t ever searched the keyword Recursion in Google. If you won’t then try it today. When you Seach for Recursion, it shows something like this

Google Gravity

If you click Do you mean: Recursion, then it will once again search for it and gives the same result. It will repeat infinite times if you wish to click on Recursion more often. It is one of the Google Gravity trick and Google trick as well.

Image Search to get Results

When you don’t have any keywords ideas to Search, why don’t you try Image Search?

Yes, you can perform Image Search That will Give Related Images for that topic.

How to open Image Search
  • Go to
  • You will see camera icon and press that icon and upload the Image to Start Google Image Search.

Currency Conversion

You can convert any currency into any in Google itself.

For Ex: 500 dollars into Rupees. If you enter this query in Google. It will give the perfect result.

Funny Google Tricks

We discussed Gravity tricks nd search tricks, now let’s discuss Funny Tricks.

Funny Google;

In this method, you can change the name of the Google to your preferred name. Let’s look how it works.

Google Gravity

Now, you can change the Funny Google the name to your special one. Type the name in the search box and click on submit.

Google Gravity

 Rainbow Trick

By using this trick, you can experience Rainbow Search;  This is yet another Interesting, funny and cool Trick.

Google Gravity Ninja

Google Ninja program has changed over the years. At present, it conducting a certification to become a master.

Google Ninja 1-min

Annoying Google

All of you tried a standard Search in a Generic way, Why don’t you try something new?

Yes, you can perform Search in Annoying Google. That will give you a new experience in Search. Believe me; you will like it.

Google Gravity

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So, I hope, I covered some tricks. If you know, anything new. Then, contribute to us! You will get credits for the trick you Share here!

So, Comment down Below if you know anything.!!


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