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Google has finally made an entry into the wearable tech market with the launch of the Goggle Glasses. Google had first announced the smart headset in the summer of 2012 at its developers’ conference.

Google Glass is nothing but a headset that you wear like a pair of eyeglasses. The headset has a small prism-like screen tucked into the upper corner of the frame that keeps you always plugged into your e-mail, calls, and other notifications, so you don’t have to miss a beat.

When you think of it technically, it sounds a bit silly. Why will people want to have a computer on their face?

Google Glasses The next gen designer Glasses

Though it sounds something that is out of the league, the idea behind this is to bring the technology closer which will make it easier to disengage from it.

Instead of having your head bent over a screen in your hand, you can look up. You can also make that decision immediately and get on with your day instead of flicking through a list of notifications or eMails to see if you missed something important.

Google Glasses work in a unique way as it is designed to provide a secondary screen for your device, so just hook it up to your phone to get the notifications and other information.

The entire concept of the Google Glass is to have a little notification bar from your device in a place where you don’t have to wrench to see it, so you can look where you’re moving while you’re out and about — and stay plugged into your inbox.

There are various ways to operate a Google Glass; you can use voice commands for Glass by adding the phrase “Okay, Glass” and start the app, start a call, take a picture, etc.

There is a touchpad on the sides of the device — the part that goes over your ear, which you can tap or swipe for navigation.

Google Glasses seem to be most useful when you’re doing something that requires your hands, such as cooking. You can also get step-by-step instructions for a recipe if necessary.

People have also used the Google Glasses in the most interesting ways like using them in a fashion runway show or a marriage proposal; there are also individuals who are trying to see if the Glasses can be used to fight fires or help people with disabilities. Like the peoples who are using designer Glasses right now to have perfect vision.

Though the Google Glasses have faced a lot of criticism from the lawmakers, they also have a lot of potential users who are trying to make use of this uniquely useful device.

There can also be small and delicate issues which may eventually come up when more people try and use this tool; This is just the start; Google Glasses have a long way to prove themselves for them to be accepted by individuals with its advantages as well as disadvantages. For now experimenting with it and knowing more about it is the best policy.

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