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There are many ways to connect to a Remote computer. On that, one such an easy way is by using Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

Of course, you can use Teamviewer for to do that task but, it’s not free, right? You need to pay to the Software. But, yeah several other free software are also available to connect to a remote computer.

On that, the easiest way is, by using Chrome Remote Desktop Extension. Today, I will show you how to use this Chrome Extension. 

Note: You need to install this Extension on both the computers you want to connect. Else, you are not allowed if you install it on one machine, and another machine won’t have an Extension. So, be sure to install it on Both the Pc’s you wish to Connect Remotely. 

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop To Connect to a Remote Computer. 

Just, visit Chrome Webstore to get this Extension, you can follow the hyperlink in this Article to visit that page.

Then, Click on Add To Chrome Button to Add it to your Chrome toolbar. 

Chrome Remote Desktop

A Prompt will Open and asks Add App OR Cancel. Select Add App to add it.

Chrome Remote Desktop

After Clicking on Add App button, it will check and add to the Apps of the Chrome, And Displays the list of Available Google Apps.

If You are not signed into the Google,   then it will ask Sign into Google at the Top right Corner.

chrome remote desktop

So, click on Sign in button If you currently not signed in. Enter your Mail ID and Password and click on Sign in.

Then, it will ask you to Chrome sync setting; it’s up to your decision whether or not approve. 

Now, Click on Remote Desktop Icon on Your Apps and a Prompt will ask you for the permission. Just, click on Allow Button.

chrome remote desktop

Then, a prompt will open and ask you to click on the continue button to extended access to the computer. Click on Continue to Continue the installation process of Chrome Remote Desktop.

chrome remote desktop

You can use in two ways either you wish to connect to other Pc. Or Allow another person to Connect remotely to you. Either way, click on Get started to Start. It will show you two options, like Share and Access.

chrome remote desktop

Click on share if you wish to share your Computer with another one. ( If you select share option you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop host installer ). In this tutorial, I’m using OSX. So, be sure to install the package if it asks.

chrome remote desktop

Click on Accept and Install button to move further in sharing. It takes awhile to download. After, completion of the download, Install it to continue Sharing method.

After the completion of installation, it will generate a code to share the Machine with another. Share that code with the person you are granting permission to connect remotely.

chrome remote desktop

Once the person enters your code in their Pc and clicks on Connect button, It will show you that a person connected and currently accessing your PC.

Now, You have successfully completed a First Phase Sharing a Pc Remotely with Google Chrome Remote Computer. Now Let’s move to Next phase.

If you wish yourself to connect to Remote computer. Then, Click on Access button by locating it. Then, it will prompt you to enter the Access code to Connect.

chrome Remote desktop

Enter the Access code of the computer You wish to connect to and Click on Connect Button. That’s it Man. 

Note:  You need enable remote desktop to perform this actions. Enabling Remote Desktop Connection For My Computer 

Click on my computers tab and click on Enable Remote connections. It will ask you to select the Pin To protect the Access. Type the Pin and click on Ok button. 

Chrome remote desktop

So, It will take a while to complete the process, If you wish to another computer of your own or else click on the name of the computer. ( shows in the Chrome remote desktop window ) And enter the pin you genetated to connect.

So, You need to do this complete process also in the machine that you are trying to connect to, make sure that you are sign in with you are Gmail ID.

So, That’s it guys it’s that much simple !

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