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We all know Google is the World’s best Search Engine. It occupies three times more than Bing, Yahoo; Yandex combines.

So, it’s always been a nice thought to know something new from the Google. Isn’t you are the one who doesn’t like new Stuff? Since you are here, I don’t think you are that kind of person. Well, Google Anti Gravity is one of the most know tricks of Google all the time.

Not only, Anti Gravity Google, but There were also several other Amazing Tricks exists. Those are Barrel Roll Google, and Google Gravity. So, Today we are going to talk about Google Anti Gravity. So, let’s jump ahead into the topic.

Anti Gravity Google 

Well, Google Anti Gravity is a Search Trick, that will make the entire user Google page fly. Yes I mean, fly. All the contents of the page will Fly and then, fell. You can play with any of the widgets on the screen.

Google Anti Gravity

You can throw the elements in the page to wherever you want. And one more cool thing about this trick is, You can still perform Google Search. 

Things you need to do To perform the Trick.

  • Go to Google HomePage
  • At the bottom Of the Page, You will find Settings.
  • Select-> Search Settings -> Check On Never show Instant Results And Save the Settings.

Note: You have to select Never show instant results options and then, Click on Save button to save the settings. Then, follow below instructions.

How To Perform Google Anti Gravity Trick.

  • Go to Google Search Page
  • Type the Following Query ( Anti Gravity Google ) and then Press I’m Feeling Luck Button, open it.

If you can’t do it yourself then, Follow this Link: http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/

Related Google Gravity Tricks 

-> Google Gravity underwater

-> Google Gravity Sphere 

-> Google Gravity 

-> Google Zero Gravity

-> Google easter eggs.

All are these are same as Google Anti Gravity with slight differences.

In Google Gravity underwater, You can expect the Search page in under the water. Yes, you listened it right. All these tricks are shocking tricks. 

In Google Sphere, all the things and elements of the page start rotating once you move the cursor on the page. You know, you can stop the speed of turning by just, moving the cursor.

And then, Zero Gravity, It’s quite a common trick compare to Anti Gravity Google. But, with a slight Variation.

You can open these tricks, by just replacing the query of the search I mean if you want to enter into underwater Google then, you are Query should be, Google Gravity underwater and then click on, I’m feeling lucky button.

So, for all the trick it would be same all you have to do is, just change the Query. And enjoy the Rest !!

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