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Hey, here in this article, I listed best free mp3 download sites to download music, audios, songs & Mp3 Files for free. All the websites listed here are popular at what they were doing.

Disclaimer: All the sites showcased in this article have they own privacy and protection. So, be sure to read the complete article to know the legality of the sites. But, don’t worry you can download mp3’s from these websites without any doubt.

Best Free mp3 Download sites to download Free music, Audios.

Want to download mp3 files for free into your device for future listening. But wait where do you get new music? Do you buy the music cd’s from Amazon or somewhere else. If you do so, you meant to be a rich kid.

But, wait I’m here to help those people who want to download mp3 for free with my list. Let’s dive.

Before Getting into the topic, I would like to share a trick That helps you to download unlimited mp3 music files. Here we go.

Simple Trick to Download any Mp3 and Music Files for Free.

So, As I promised you earlier in the article, here the method that I use to download Free mp3 Files.

Go to Home page of the Google.

Search with Below query. Query= ” index: composer name and extension”

For Example, If you want to download Clavin Harris music, then the query should be Query=” Index: Clavin Harris Mp3. ” and Hit Enter.

Free mp3 download sites

Free mp3 download sites

Follow the Results then you will see an Index of Music like this.

Free mp3 download sites

Free mp3 download sites

Then, Search for your favorite song and press on the link to download the song. If it is played online then, copy the link and paste it on your IDM or FDM if you use a PC. But, no need to use the third-party software for mobile users.

It just a simple trick that saves your time. But wait, by using this method you can not download everyone’s music because of legal issues. So, if you face any inconvenience in Download the mp3 files with this approach, then don’t worry, follow below sites to download the music.

Best Free mp3 Download sites to download free music.

Mp3juices is the best website to download Free mp3 Files into your device like PC or Mobile.

This site has a very simple interface which makes this Site at the top of the list. If you want to download any Mp3 File from this site, just head over to the Search bar and search for your desired Track and Click on Download to Download it.

That’s it, isn’t it simple!! You can also play it online. One more thing is if you wish you can download the file into your cloud storage as well. It just an option. After all, it is the top and best Free music download sites in this list. 

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Jamendo is our next resource in the list of Free mp3 download sites, the first thing that strikes in your mind when I mention this site is, it’s paid why are you mentioning this?

free mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

But, guess what there were thousands of free collections are also available for commercial purposes. The users of it upload the songs so, go to and Search for your loved tracks and Download. It is one my go-to resource to download Latest mp3 albums.

It is one of the most popular paid service for mp3 download sites. But can you know you can also download Free mp3 from this site? If you don’t know then just follow this simple instructions.

Go to the homepage of this site and navigate to the footer and there you will find Link For Free Music Downloads in Goodies category Click on that.

free mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

Then, it will redirect you to the Free music downloads page. There you will find hundreds of Free Albums and Tracks of famous artists. Isn’t it cool !!

Free mp3 download sites

Free mp3 download sites

So, for the next time onwards if you want to download Free music or Latest Tracks then go with this site. It is one of the best Free music download sites.

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Free Music Archive is a digital repository of a Latest music and Albums. There were more than 1,00000 legal Tracks, and all of them have commercial licence.

You can download unlimited tracks from this site; I would like to call this website as the best repository collection of great tracks. For that reason only it features in our top Free mp3 download sites list


SoundCloud is the online’s biggest collection of music repository. They have almost every song you want.

But wait, how can you download music from this site? There is a way to Download music from this site yes !!

You can download music from this site what ever the track you want I will tell you how just follow it.

Go to the homepage of the site. Then, search for your beloved tracks once you found it click on it to play.

Afterwards, copy the url of the Track you want to Download.

free mp3 download sitesfree mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

and visit and paste the url over there!!

free mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

It will take 3-5 seconds to convert the song. ( Depends up on your internet speed ) Once the conversion is finsh it will show a download link click on it to Download the song.

It is the best trick ever i found to download free music and it became one of the best free music download sites in the world with this method.

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Amazon Free Music

Amazon is the biggest online collection of things here you can find anything you want that include music as well. They have almost every artists album in their collection in the form of cd’s. You can purchase if you want.

Free mp3 download sites

Free mp3 download sites

But, Amazon also provides Free music Downloads for their customers as well. you can find unlimited Free mp3 by following this link or else Navigate your self to that section.. I think following link is much easier.

Manual Navigation: Departments-> Digital Music – > Music By Price -> Free.


You may think Hey, this article is about Free music Download Sites So, why are you mentioning Wikipedia name here?

If you think like that, you probably wrong, why because you can Download Free music on Wikipedia as well. Wikipedia a is a best resource to for Free mp3 download and it is the Top Free mp3 download sites in the list.

How to download Free mp3 files from Wikipedia? Just headover to their music page by following this link

free mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

Or else, Searh for Wikipedia:Sound/list/ Then follow the results You will find something like this

free mp3 download sites

free mp3 download sites

So, Follow the instructions mentioned on the page to Download the Free music From Wiki.

So, these are my list of Top free music download sites to download music. I hope, all of you are happy with the list and tricks that I posted in this article.

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