Flagship Killer Mobiles
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You know, flagship Devices are the best Smartphones made by the best companies in the world like Apple, Samsung, Moto, and Lg. And the price of those mobiles is too damn high to bought the device.

It’s the story of olden days not now. Thanks to the companies like One Plus and ZTE for making Stunning Android Flagship mobiles at affordable prices.

You know, it’s very hard to spend a whole lot of money on the Flagship Devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After it fails in the market Samsung learns the lesson and now no one interested in their mobiles.

However, here are the mobiles that we are Talking about.

Best Android Flagship Killers of the year 2016.

I like the word Flagship killers more. Because as a Gadgets Lover, I know the irony of the price tag.

Xiaomi Mi 5:

Mi 5 is the revolutionary Smartphone made by the Xiamoi, and it ditches so many smartphones in the market since it releases enters in the business. It shows an enormous impact on the sales of Android Devices this year by raising good profits on the market.

Some people may complain about the heating issue of the device. And yeah, it heats a bit when you play games. Otherwise, it’s quite good. However, it did the task by ditching their competitors in the market.!

ZTE Axon 7:

ZTE is a brand new mobile manufacturing company that receives a tremendous response for their featured mobile, Axon 7.

This mobile has all branded features to compete with high-end mobiles like S7, and even Apple as well. This smartphone surprises everyone with the design and performance.!

However, this mobile manufacturer also became the biggest threat to the branded mobile makers in the market, and I like that.!

One Plus 3:

I think, almost all are aware of the company One plus, This is the only company that dares to ditch the Largest and oldest mobile makers in the market.

The mobiles released by the firm gets an overwhelming response from the people that love innovation in mobiles.

Especially, One plus 3 model comes up with 6 Gigs of Ram and 64 Gigs of Storage and 16 Mp of the camera. And it has dozens of features that make this mobile unique in the Business till the date.!

It named as Flagship killer mobile of the Year 2016.

Huawei Honor p9:

Wants a Smartphone for photography, then my first ever suggestion would be Honor p9. It comes with 12+12 Mp primary camera.!

IT is also one of the best Android Smartphone in the market right now!

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