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Best Torrent Clients : Torrents are the best way to download any files like movies, audios, Games, and software. Of course, Torrents used by the Millions of the peoples around the world. Well, you need to have Torrent Clients to download any torrent files into your local computer.

Have you remembered how Torrenting System works? Torrents are the Peer to Peer ( P 2 P) connected Networks. Those can share the files between the connected systems. That can access anywhere on the internet. Before downloading Any files, you need to have installed Torrent client app.

Best Torrent Clients 2016 For Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Here are some of the best Torrent clients that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Windows and Mac support almost all Clients while Linux doesn’t. However, I will elaborate about this to get a clear view. Let’s get started!!

Utorrent The Best Torrent Client

Utorrent is the best Torrent Clients ever released, it has a tremendous reputation right from its release. And uTorrent attracted so many people towards this from General BitTorrent. The Download and upload speed of this was pretty impressive.

I used this For both My Mac and Windows machine, and it works too damn good. That is also one of the reasons why I pushed this to the top of the table. It is light weighted application and supports almost all the major operating systems. That include Linux and Android. It is one of the Top Torrent Client

Utorrent Pros:

-> The Program size is very less. It is not even 2mb
-> It uses Less System Resources. That makes it unique.
-> You can Abort it manually whenever you complete the Download process.
-> You can use RSS Feed to download new files right into your system automatically.
-> IT has good Remote Web Interface.


-> It ha high amount of Display Ads. That annoying, it sucks man!!
->Unable to search for the new torrents from the client. It has one of the major drawbacks of this Best Torrent client.


We can Say, BitTorrent is the parent version of all other BitTorrent Networks. Both BitTorrent and Utorrent Has same when it comes to features and support. The only thing, that changes between Utorrent and BitTorrent is, The color uTorrent is in Green while BitTorrents is in Purple. I don’t think it’s a significant shift. It is one of the Best Torrent Software for Windows, Mac, And Linux


Light weighted Application.
Supports all operating systems.
Has Good UI ( User Interface )
Download and Upload speed were pretty good.


The Ads Are the most Disappointing and annoying thing in this Torrents.

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   Deluge: The best Torrent Software

If you are looking Good alternative for Utorrent, then it must be Deluge. It works with almost all operating systems include Mac, Windows, and Linux. It uses a client-Server architecture; that is why the downloading and uploading was at its level best.

LibTorrents are the backend supporters of Deluge, uses daemon services, looks same as Utorrent but, has unique in operating and other functions. If you are looking for the Good alternative Torrent Software for Your Pc then, this one is for you.


Best Alternative for the Utorrent
Uses Clent-Server Architecture.

BitComet is the Best Torrent Clients Ever Released.


It doesn’t have BiTorrent Encryption.
The download and upload Speed was decent, but not as good as BiTorrent Clients.
Peer Exchange, Magnet URL Links are not acceptable in Deluge, This is one of the major drawbacks.

   Vuze: Best Torrent Software

Vuze is formally known as Azureus. And it comes up with two different versions Namely. Leap, Vuze


Leap: Leap is a more lightweight app developed by the team, and it has an excellent reputation in the business right from its initial days. It only supports windows and a great alternative for the Utorrent. It also supports media playback, has freezing download speed that makes people’s attracted to this. The best part of this is it is Ads Free. Tha is a cool man isn’t it? Vuze Leap is a Top Torrent Software or Top Torrent Engine

Vuze: Where Leap is only for Windows but, Vuze comes up for all Operating systems support namely, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has excellent downloading Capability, also a lightweight app supports Android too that means you can use it on your device and download your favorite things. Finally, it is one of the best Torrent Clients 2016


It supports all Operating Systems from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
You can rate and comment any Torrent file that you are downloading, so that other users can have a clear view of the quality of the Torrent.
This client also supports HTTP Seeding.


Ads Sucks man, While Leap doesn’t have any Ads, Vuze consisting of Ads.
It prevents system went to sleep whenever there is an active Task.

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   BitLord Top Torrent Engine

I don’t have any obligation to say that it is one of the Best Torrent Clients in the world today. Because it has a wide variety of features and that makes user attracted to this Torrenting Client. It supports RSS feed that means you can keep track of the newly released Torrents. It is one of the lightweight application; the program size is lesser than two MB.


It can be password protected. That means it has good security.
You can search and download new Torrents Right from the program itself; This is one of the freest features in BitLord.
You can stream any video/audio file before the download is complete. That means no need to wait until the end of download to have a look at the quality.
You can limit your bandwidth in this Program. Hasn’t it cool?


This client is only Support Mac and Windows. It doesn’t have Android and Linux compatibility.
BitLord Website is Marked as Flagged by many users. That means it will try to install unnecessary files into your system.
It Contains too many spammy and junk files.

   ZBigZ:  Torrent Client

ZBigZ is yet another free and Best Torrent Clients in the world today. It has good user Interface, and it is familiar with FileStream. It has an end to end technology. This Torrent Client has an excellent Downloading capability. In general, it works only on HTTP version. Before installing this into the computer, you need to change your settings to allow HTTP access to ZBigZ.


Another Alternative for BitTorrents.
It Has good user InterFace.

BitComet is the Best Torrent Clients Ever Released.


Downloading speed sucks man. The highest bit rate limited to 150 kbps that’s a disaster hasn’t it.

The maximum file size of a Torrent is 1 Gb. IT’s hard to digest. But, it’s real you can’t receive a high amount of data from this client.

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BitComet is yet another Resource alternative to Utorrent. It is one of the Top Torrent Clients at present. It is a free Torrent client and works far better than some Dump Torrent Clients. You ca manage your torrent files right from your browser, no need to access your App all the time. One of the top torrent software

Thank god, it’s an Ad Free version.
It has a virus scanner. That means you can Scan every Torrent that you’re Going to Download to know it consisted a malware or not.
A LightWeighted Application.
It has a good user Interface; Anyone can understand it with ease. The design of the Client was pretty awful.
You can schedule your Bandwith.

BitComet is the Best Torrent Clients Ever Released.


BitComet is only available for Windows users, can be installed on any Windows Machine.
Tries to install useless files during the setup. So, you need to pay attention when you’re installing this.

qBitTorrent: Top Torrent Software

qBitTorrent is one of the Best Alternative for uTorrent. It is a cross-platform Torrent client that can run on Windows Machine. It is an open Source program which comes up with Ads Free. That is one of the best parts as we can say, whenever we discuss qBitTorrents

 FilStream: Best Torrent Clients

FileStream is one of the Top Torrent Clients in nowadays; You may ask why you mention this at the bottom of your list. I Mentioned it at the lower part only because it is a paid version, it has  free version but, it limits in features compare to Paid version. If you are looking for the Best Torrent Software and also ready to pay then, This is one id for you. Otherwise, there is no need to consider about this.

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Final Words:

Best Torrent clients

Best Torrent clients

In this post, I mentioned 9 Torrent Clients. When I’m making this list, I pay attention and compared several features to categorize the list. The above list is the Top and best Torrent Clients 2016. Want to say anything about this article, then, do let us know in the comment section.

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