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Google is the widely used Search Engine in the world. It serves almost eighty percent of the Searchers online.
So, everyone has a curiosity to know Some tricks to amaze their friends and family. I’m also one of them, I did research on this and found some of the Amazing Tricks. Today I will Share them with my readers.

Do A Barrel Roll:

The users are crazy about this Do A Barrel Roll Google Trick. It has more than 5 Million Searches every Month. Now understand how much competition it has.

Barrel Roll Google
Well, What is Barrel Roll Google, It just a trick that will allow User to Rotate Search Page 360 Degrees.

Things you need to Do Before Perform Any Trick.

  1. Go to Google HomePage
  2. At the bottom Of the Page, You will find Settings.
  3. Select-> Search Settings -> Check On Never show Instant Results And Save the Settings.

How To Perform Do A Barrel Roll Google Trick

  • Go to Google Search Page
  • Type the Following Query ( Do a Barrel Roll ) and then Press I’m Feeling Luck Button to open it.

If you can’t do it yourself then, Follow this Link: http://elgoog.im/doabarrelroll/

Other Amazing Google Tricks You should know

Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is another Important Trick You need to know. What is Zerg Rush?

It is yet another Trick. In this, you can find some Yellow and Red Colored Circles clears the Results. And then Form a solid G, And G symbol with Red and Yellow colors.

The Letters 2204355 Trick.

Go to Google.com And then, Type 2204355 and Press I’m Feeling Lucky button. You won’t believe what you are looking.
Myself I don’t want to reveal the excitement Of you. Try this and I’m Sure You enjoy it

Google Gravity

Check this Article to know About: Google Gravity Tricks

What is Google Gravity

Google Gravity, The term describes the meaning of it. In Google Gravity, all the web pages will act as there was a significant gravitational influence on them. I.e., the web page serves completely different compared to official Google. These tricks are working with JavaScript. All These experiments conducted by Chrome experiments, Mrdoob and Elgoog.im. You can visit their home pages to know more about it.

Google Anti Gravity

In, Google Anti-gravity, The web page fly differently from the above one. Nothing more than that

Google Zero Gravity

It is yet another impressive experiment from the Mrdoob. Here, all the results for a keyword on the SERP page will act like pulling Gravitational force on them.

The working Gravitational force is Zero, so the web page looks like something different from the actual Page. You may try it yourself by following the below link.


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