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The next version of Android is, Android N, still doesn’t have a name, but (based on previous versions’) we understand the “N” will stand for some sweet surprise, right?

In the latest developer preview version of Android N, released Wednesday, an Easter egg intimates the Android naming plan is about to take an exciting turn. Android Authority noticed that if you frequently touch on Android Version option, found in Settings — About phone, you’ll see a big letter N, with a sign on it: Namey McNameface.

The name is a reminder to Boaty McBoatface, the name the public has elected for a British $200 million study vessel in April. In the end, the ship was named Sir David Attenborough, but at least the ship’s remotely worked undersea vehicle got the popular choice moniker.

Namey McNameface added to the Android N Easter egg!

Now, we don’t believe Google would have the courage to call the next version of its mobile O.S “Namey McNameface.” OK, strike that, we do believe it, but we still imagine it won’t happen as Google is too much in love with its sweets-obsessed naming plot.

It’s OK to dream, though.

Android N is slated to appear in August or September, carrying a split-screen mode, seamless OTA updates, launcher shortcuts, new emoji, a data-saving mode and upgrades to Android’s Doze power-saving feature. You can try out the latest developer preview version .

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